[Video] Ken Block’s Hoonicorn now has 1,400 hp… image

Yes, you remember correctly – the Gymkhana specialist’ has had the completely reworked 1965 Ford Mustang back in the day up to 845 horsepower… but that obviously wasn’t enough for the Hoonigan team.

The “original” Hoonicorn packed a great 6.7-liter V8 Roush Yates engine able to send out 845 horsepower (630 kilowatts) and 720 pound-feet (975 Newton-meters) of torque to the bespoke all-wheel drive system. Now that was a mean drifting machine… which is now back and meaner. It has the same engine but those crazy engineers have also added a pair of custom turbochargers and modified some of the innards so the V8 can run on methanol and… well, let loose those turbos stick out of the hood. Power credentials have been dialed to 11 – actually 1,400 hp (1,043 kW), with Block claiming it’s the scariest car he has ever driven and at the same time one of his all-time favorites.


The star of the action-packed Gymkhana series has also adorned what was left of the hood with a new paint job mirroring the one seen on the 333-hp1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS revealed about a year ago. There are also bespoke Toyo compound tires for a “ridiculous amount of smoke,” and a new steering wheel inside. Soon, Block will reveal images and videos of the Hoonicorn v2 undergoing testing and later on the model will be involved in a yet undisclosed video project.