‘Drive Wise’ is the new sub-brand created by Kia, aimed to speed up the development of carmaker’s future autonomous cars.

Kia plans to introduce a range of partially-autonomous driving technologies to its model line-up, including eco-friendly vehicles by 2020, and is aiming to bring its first fully-autonomous car to market by 2030. Therefore, with that focus in mind, Kia Motors has announced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show the launch of a new sub-brand, ‘Drive Wise’, to encompass its forthcoming Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Kia’s self-driving related technologies on display at CES include Highway Autonomous Driving, Urban Autonomous Driving, Preceding Vehicle Following, Emergency Stop System, Traffic Jam Assist and a new Autonomous Parking & Out function.

The first two mentioned technologies use a combination of sensors, radar and camera detection systems to interpret lane markings, allowing the car to stay in its lane or switch into others to overtake other vehicles or follow a different road. Preceding Vehicle Following (PVF) is an enhanced lane-keeping system which monitors the vehicle in front and allows the car to calculate its own path relative to it, following at a safe distance if the road markings are not visible. PVS works in conjunction with Traffic Jam Assist which also watches the vehicle in front during congested traffic conditions, maintaining a safe distance from it and moving into appropriate spaces to gain ground. And finally, when the driver reaches his destination, Autonomous Valet Parking allows him to exit the car and let the vehicle park itself remotely, using the smart key or a smartwatch.

Kia says the Drive Wise’ technologies will also facilitate communication and interaction between the driver and vehicle with some new Human Machine Interface functions, such as gesture control, fingerprint sensors and smart-device connectivity.



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