[Video] Koenigsegg Agera R crash footage in China captured by CCTV image

China is the land where people should be utterly against the western consumerism – so much that they should crash the ultra-rare Koenigsegg Agera R they shouldn’t have bought with the cash they shouldn’t have possessed.

But then again if such people didn’t existed, China wouldn’t be the second largest world economy and their auto market wouldn’t be the biggest on the planet. So, the story goes that a ultra rare Koenigsegg Agera R has met an early demise due to a crash with a guardrail. The incident took place in Chongqing and we noticed the hypercar was devoid of its useful front bumper and most likely also suffered damage to the front suspension. While the Koenigsegg repair experts will have a full schedule ahead of them to complete some expensive repairs on the carbon fiber-bodied supercar, fortunately during the incident no one was injured.

And so it happens that we’ve also stumbled upon footage of the crash, most likely captured from a CCTV camera that was supervising the road. We can also see the accident was actually far more severe than first thought judging from the damage – the driver lost control without notice (most likely due to a serious case of heavy acceleration) and the car swerved towards the metal railing side of the road where the impact takes place head-on and the Agera R then violently spins out of control. Media reports point to the Agera R being the 82nd unit ever produced and belonging to a local collector who also has the wholly grail trio of hybrid supercars: Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.

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