[Video] Koenigsegg One:1 delivers thrilling VMax 200 record – hits 240 mph image

The Swedish “megacar” is now officially the fastest vehicle to have been clocked by the speed trap during a VMax 200 speed event, hitting 240 mph (386.2 km/h).

The enticing One:1 is being owned by BHP Project and was driven for the record run by Oliver Webb, which was actually a tri-record run. That’s because the world’s first “megacar” – as the Swedish company labeled it – managed to break the event’s speed record on three occasions. During the speed event located on a 1.4-mile track at Bruntingthorpe, in the UK, the Koenigsegg One:1 delivered a trap speed of 140 mph. Interestingly, this exact same car was present at the event in September 2015 when it failed to break the record held back then by a tuned Porsche 911 that rose to 229 mph – it was clocked back then at 225 mph.

This weekend it managed to take it down with a 230 mph run and was immediately dethroned by another customized Porsche 911 which nailed a 231 mph trap speed. BHP Project decided to get passengers inside in exclusive rides because the rain started but as the tarmac started to dry up it nailed (with passenger inside) a 235 mph run. On the last run Webb went alone and established the current record thanks to the 1,341-hp machine. By the way, we recently heard Koenigsegg is also preparing its official car for a record run of its own – trying to take down the Nurburgring lap time for a production vehicle.

Via Koenigsegg, The BHP Project, Supercar Driver