[Video] Koenigsegg Owners Tour 2017 sets record for biggest gathering, with just 19 cars image

The Ängelholm, Sweden-based exotic automaker appeared back in 1994, but their first car rolled off the production line only back in 2002 – which is just 15 years ago.

Now the company has decide to mark the milestone with the Koenigsegg Owners Tour party – during which the world can actually meet Stephan, the company’s very first customer, who still retains and drives his CCR. And along with some 18 other cars, this was counted as the largest Koenigsegg gathering in the world… talk about being in an exclusive club. The second edition of the Owners Tour, which according to Koenigsegg is turning into a regular, annual fixture, saw the 19 hypercars gather in Malmö before embarking on a tour around the southern Sweden.

On their way they stopped at the Ring Knutstorp track in Kågeröd before hitting the country’s beautiful roads with several Polestar-tuned Volvos taking care of behind-the-scenes butler duties. Koenigsegg had the entire roster on display – CCR, One:1, Agera, Regera, the latter serving as the company’s new crown jewel. Just 80 units will be manufactured, all pre-sold – because this is an exclusive $1.9-million, 1,500-horsepower beast. The video even ends with one Regera – seemingly sporting the newly developed aero pack with up to 849 pounds (385 kilograms) of maximum downforce – surrounded by the rest of the Koenigsegg fleet.