[VIDEO] KTM X-Bow with roof looking like Lancia Stratos image

If you miss the popular Lancia Stratos than you are a real petrol-head but what can you do if you want a version of your own? Even if it’s not the original thing, you can buy a KTM X-Bow and bring it to Montenergy to fit a conversion kit.

Because the X-Bow name isn’t quite original and the car resembles with the Stratoss, KTM named it Stratosferica. The conversion kit will set you back 12.000 euros but combining the look of the Stratos with the handling provided by the Austrian motorbike company than it seems like a good choice. Especially if you don’t have the money to buy the real Stratos.

According to the Italians at Montenergy, a power boost is also available for the Audi-sourced TFSI engine, which will take it from 237 to 310 horsepower

But we’d better cut the small talk and let you watch the video and the photo gallery below. Enjoy!