[Video] Laguna Seca moment features Porsche’s hybrid range: 918, Cayenne and Panamera image

The German sports car manufacturer has decided to have a racetrack moment and to make it special they chose the famed Laguna Seca circuit and their entire hybrid lineup.

So what we have here is the 918 flagship model, alongside the S-E Hybrid versions of the Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan – all three proudly going down the Corkscrew together. We have here a fleeting moment between past and future: on one side Zuffenhausen’s intimate connection to the race tracks around the world and on the other side the hybridization trend. The video is also used to highlight the automaker’s future that will undoubtedly include even more EVs – with the Germans even thanking electricity for some of their achievements – related or not to the four-wheel models they proudly produce and sell.

This is also another hint towards the brand’s introduction of the Mission E in production form – and before purists have anything to say against a high-performance model using electricity as its sole source of power they may want to look at the sales success of the Cayenne – a much hated model when first revealed. And then just look at the cult following of Tesla’s owners. And by the way, returning to electrons is just around the clock – back in 1900 they had the Lohner-Porsche. And it will also be enticing to see how Porsche deals with the Mission E production version without having a past motorsport record to build upon.