Since we live in the age of social media, chances are people would even try to do a blogging reel if faced with an impending major catastrophe – even if it could threaten their lives.

One example that solidifies this course of thinking involves a rather regular instance where a supercar bursts into flames (we’re pretty used to that, buy the way). Here the story involves our typical valet that feels the car he doesn’t own is great for showing off and has decided to take the Sant’Agata Bolognese Raging Bull with a V12 out for a quick spin. As witnesses attest on the social networks, the supercar wannabe driver revved over and over the 6.5-liter engine as he passed by a mall in Miami Beach’s South Beach neighborhood.

The footage we have only depicts the action once the flames start at the back and because of the notorious poor visibility the valet fails to notice what the commotion is all about – not his evidently poor driving skills, but rather the flames at the back. And by the way the crowd punishes him by not warning him – instead take off their smartphones and start filming the next Hollywood blockbuster. By the way, all those “safety” experts appear to have forgotten the flames are dangerously close to the fuel tank and the vehicle may explode – fortunately somebody does the right thing and brings and extinguisher. We’re still more interested in somebody filming the reaction of the owner once he sees the unusable prized possession.


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