[Video] Lambo Mucielago taken up a glacier because, well, it’s possible image

Jon Olsson, a well known Swedish professional freeskier (nine Winter X-Games medals) and alpine ski racer, is also among the more interesting car aficionados out there.

We have an example to corroborate our statement, with his latest stunt involving his tuned rear-drive Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 and a mountain course up a glacier at the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway. That’s because taking up a Lamborghini Murcielago up a glacier always makes sense. While the stunt has no particular purpose, we still wish we thought it out and also had the money and will to complete it. By the way, Olsson’s signature equipment carrier, that gets stuck on top all of his sweet rides, is present as always – complete with a wrap to match the menacing Murcielago.

In the short film we find out the goal was to have fun – the idea was to go up the Norwegian glacier assisted by the humongous rear tires with some frightening studs, and then spice things up a bit by envisioning a “giant” giant slalom course for the car. He even takes all this to the ski level as the gates get clipped with the mirrors and front tires as it would happen in real life if a man was on skis there. By the way, the Murcielago customization was done in three years. One year wasted by a guy who tried to do it for free and actually sold parts off of it because he had to pay rent and tow other years to bring in a carbon-fiber body kit, an IPE exhaust, a suede interior, a carbon steering wheel from a Gallardo, larger brakes and the rear-wheel drive conversion.