[Video] Lamborghini Aventador with Trump vinyl wrap visits the White House image

Called the Trumpventador, this “Trump Train” is a bold statement to one’s personal choices – though we’re unsure if Donald Trump himself would approve his voters going for Italian supercars instead of home-breed ones.

Anyways, when you drive a Lamborghini Aventador you already make a statement, but if you really want to be politically incorrect you then just opt for a Donald Trump-themed vinyl wrap. And because doing this already shows you’re capable of extreme gestures, why not have the Secret Service come in and take a look at your ride? The driver of the Trumpventador achieved that feat by simply parking the car as close as possible to the White House. The custom Lambo gets Donald’s face splashed over the hood and ads in some metallic stars as the background for good measure.

You’d think that would be enough but rest assured, there’s even more. The rest of the car is adorned with the man’s slogans, such as “you’re fired” beneath the exhaust, “Trump Train,” and “Make America GR8 Again.” The latter might also show some of the hidden motifs – the vehicle took place recently in the Goldrush Rally, which was abbreviated GR8. The stunt may be complete only when a buddy of his will have a Japanese Acura NSX wrapped in a Hillary Clinton theme and the Trumpventador together with the Hillarix should boldly go back to Washington together for crowd reactions.