Video – Horrific Lamborghini Gallardo Crash image

We normally describe “car crash” to any of the car accident but just have a glimpse to this video and you will definitely say that it is a “car crush”!! The horrified and most tragic accident took place in the 4th round of Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup. One of the most popular Lamborghini drivers Giorgio Bartocci must have seen death just in front of him while the burning Gallardo LP560-4 car was totally destroyed.

The accident is definitely the stunning news but the carelessness of the organizers and the most unprofessional performance of fire fighters are truly shocking. In the video it is clearly seen that after exactly one minute and fifteen seconds the fire fighters started their job which is quite difficult to believe in such high profile car racing competition. The driver is under treatment in intensive car unit which is quite natural as the way this accident happened the danger of life of Bartocci was felt but according to the news editors, the situation of the driver is under control of doctors.

There s still mystery for the reason of accident as no one is clear that the car was touched by other car or the car touched the wall while having the turn in the 4th round. It was the last turn of front straight when the side door of the car sprung away and the driver suddenly fell out of the car leaving the car to get turned into a literal fireball. As said earlier, the fire fighters took some time initially but then they made the action started with the beginning of pulling out the driver from the wreckage and saving the life of the driver.

The people who have witnessed the incident are saying that, “it was a car crush that really put break on the heart beats and surely the driver would have missed a heart beat by seeing such dangerous and dreadful accident”. Lamborghini have announced to cancel the remaining rounds and have also asked for the further inquiries which will be operated under the head of FIA. So, we just hope that Giorgio Bartocci gets a new life that is offered by God to him and also the organization will think quite seriously about the facilities of firefighters that came late.