[VIDEO] Lamborghini Gallardo successor – teaser no. 3 image

Lamborghini has released the third video teaser with the successor of the Gallardo, which is still not showing anything interesting.

The Italian based automaker Lamborghini has released a new video teaser for the successor of the Gallardo. The clip posted below is named “Getting Closer” and this is still not showing anything interesting, except for the adventures of the three friends in the Lamborghini factory, after closing time. If you don’t know what this is all about, you can check out the first teaser here and the second one here.

As you probably already know by now, the successor of the popular Lamborghini Gallardo will be named the Huracan and not the Cabrera as it was initially thought. The model in question will ride on a completely new platform, which will still be shared with the new generation of the Audi R8, along with some underpinnings, but the two vehicles will be completely different. As far as the engine goes, the Lamborghini Huracan is believed to receive an updated version of the 5.2 liter V10 under its hood, which should produce approximately 600 HP (447 kW), mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, powering the rear wheels or the all-wheel drive, depending on the version chosen.