The Italian exotic supercar manufacturer has just revealed it’s going to deliver something new and spectacular at the start of next year, probably in time for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

The mysterious teaser might very well have to do with a new iteration of its flagship V12 engine as the video has been named “Lamborghini V12: What will be next?” and has a look at the company’s legendary history of V12 engines. We see the very first front-mounted layout of the 350 GT, the transverse mid-mounted Miura and the near-modern era V12 Lamborghinis with engines set longitudinally. It may very well have to do with the range-topping Aventador as well because we see one example sliding across a desert surface and the words ‘What will be next?’

While speculations can go rampant and some may imagine the video is teasing the latest development of its V12, perhaps for an intriguing new model, it’s a far outcry to believe a new concept car previewing a third series alongside the Huracan and Aventador is in the making. What could potentially go out into the world as soon as the Detroit Auto Show in January is most likely the refreshed version of the Aventador, which has already been caught testing and rendered on numerous occasions across the vast expanses of the Internet.


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