The original “Italian Job” heist movie was showcased in theaters back in 1969. And if you’re a true fan of classic supercars, you might know it featured one of the greatest opening sequences in cinema – sporting a Lamborghini Miura.

The 1969 British caper film sported a 2003 remake starring en vogue Hollywood actors mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Edward Norton and Donald Sutherland among others. While being an homage version rather than a faithful reinterpretation of the original, the remake kept the idea with the Mini vehicles transporting the loot but made off without the great sports cars from the original. So, back to the source. The first minutes of footage display the mesmerizing Lamborghini Miura finding its way up a mountain pass in the Alps. Marvelous supercar, marvelous footage, marvelous location – with one catch, the car ends up being destroyed in a staged accident. And while the filmmakers were crazy enough to destroy an actual Miura (little did they know of its value today), they were not completely off the grid – it was a Miura involved in a crash and if you look closely in the clip after the break, you can notice the lack of an engine when the car meets its demise.

Meanwhile, the actual Miura used for the driving footage was brand new and heading to a dealership. And the car has survived against all odds, now up for sale with just 11,800 miles clocked on odometer. You can have it from Cheshire Classic Cars in the UK for an undisclosed price – meaning you could need an Italian Job just to afford it.

Via Motor Authority


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