[VIDEO] Lamborghini Miura SV owner sues service shop after his ride blows up image

The owner of a Lamborghini Miura SV has decided to sue a service shop after his ride blew up.

More than one year ago, we were telling you about this as its owner has decided to sue the West London auto shop. The vehicle is owned by property tycoon Jon Hunt, a UK billionaire, who is taking legal action against H.R. Owen Dealerships, asking for the equivalent of 1.1 million USD in compensation, including damages.

The action has been taken after his 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV has left the garage, after a service was completed. Less than a mile later, the Italian supercar has exploded in flames and was completely destroyed. The vehicle was driven by his son who, happily, managed to get out of the car, unharmed. As a small reminder, only 750 Miuras were produced and just 150 of them were SVs (Sprinto Veloce). The model has a 385 HP V12 mid-engine under its hood and it is considered to be a true collectable.