[VIDEO] Lamborghini Murcielago crashed in Russia image

Lamborghinis don’t seem to be very reliable, a fact proven by the two Gallardos that burst into flames, one of them back in July, in the Scottish Highlands, and the other in the Malaysian region of Nukit Damansara, for no obvious reason, with their drivers having nothing else to do than sit back and watch the “show”.

But this news isn’t about the Gallardo, it’s about its brother, the Murcielago, and the 27-year old that was driving it, and how the supercar met a Chevrolet Aveo up close.

Carlifeblog.ru says that the Murcielago was stripped of license plates, driven into oncoming traffic and eventually crashed into a Chevrolet Aveo, bursting into flames right after that.

The 27-year old driver in the Lamborghini was taken to hospital, along with the driver and passenger in the Chevy, with multiple injuries.

Experience tells us that not everyone should own a supercar or should drive one but it seems this kind of accidents happen almost by the day and in most cases the supercars’ drivers are guilty.

You can watch the aftermath in the video below, even if you don’t know any Russian.