[Video] Lamborghini PoloStorico treats us to restored Miura SV prototype – Classics image

There’s nothing wrong with starting a new year looking for a couple of moments behind you towards the glorious past – and this is exactly what Lambo did with this restored Miura P400 SV from 1971.

Have you noticed how we love Miuras? Might have to do with the half a century anniversary of the model, but it seems our love for the model has been fueled by the latest developments surrounding the legendary supercar. Now we started the year checking up on it and here’s what popped up – a lovely model restored by in-house heritage workshop PoloStorico. And it’s not just any other Miura – it’s actually the exact example that was showcased to the entire world back in 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s the pre-production prototype Lamborghini Miura P400 SV that was shown to the world back in 1971 that received the full attention of Lambo’s in-house heritage workshop, Polo Storico.

The Miura first appeared back in 1966, hence the full year anniversary mode in 2016 for Lamborghini, but the P400 SV took years to arrive. It had different camshafts and bigger carburetors for a total of 380 hp, as well as enhanced suspension and brakes – and unit #4846 was the one that trialed all the modifications. It started life as a P400S upgraded to SV but it was also treated to lots of bespoke parts. PoloStorico actually restored and reused those exact same parts and extensive research was needed to make the car look as if it came straight from the booth at the Geneva show 45 years ago.