[Video] Lamborghini shows the Huracan is now an apt drifter, thanks to its LP 580-2 version image

The entry-level offering of the Italian Raging Bull company is the Huracan LP 580-2, which can keep anyone satisfied because it’s one tail-happy mean machine – according to the latest official promo stunt.

We’re hoping the coming owners of the we’re treated here to a beautiful Nero Serapis unit that is doing its shenanigans on the Imola race track in Italy – it’s happy being sideways and we’re loving it. Lambo goes on to say the new LP 580-2 is now the bringer of “enjoyable technology” because taking the rear-wheel drive approach will make the Huracan a lot cheaper than its all-wheel drive sibling and also a lot more tail-happy. While being a little less powerful than the LP 610-4, as the moniker says it all – with a total of 30 hp – it’s also a bit lighter, by some 72 lbs (33 kg).

Other modifications include engineer work on the steering, suspension, the stability and traction control systems – all in the name of more enjoyable driving situations. By the way, if the fans love the RWD layout but fear they will be outgunned by the more powerful and grippier LP 610-4 they should fret not because the rumor mill is spinning around covering the arrival of the hardcore RWD version that will update the power levels and bring a host of other changes to make it even more performance-prone.