[Video] Lamborghini teases new materials for the Huracan Performante image

The Italian exotic automaker is preparing for the introduction of its most hardcore Huracan to date – the Performante – and they are teasing the model with the announcement for their new materials technology.

For the first time ever, Lamborghini will be using a new type of material called forged composite, and the company decided to share the news via a teaser video for the Huracan Performante. So far, all we know about the Performante – aside from the fact that comes in as a replacement for the SV (Super Veloce) – is that it will be about 40 kg (90 lbs) lighter than a regular Huracan, thanks among others to a new exhaust system which is 11 kg (25 lbs) slimmer. The rest of the weight savings comes from the very same forged composite material used here and there – including the rear wing.

Actually the forged composite material premiered already – on the Sesto Elemento – but this will be the first time it will reach series production. Apparently this is even better than traditional carbon fiber- both in terms of strength and production time. It does so by discarding the weaving process, and instead relying on loose fibers mixed with resin that get sandwiched in a heated press under high pressure. The new material can also accommodate different geometries for the same piece – from thickness transitions to holes and compound curvature.