The Italian automaker has had to undergo its own challenges when preparing the development of the new Urus SUV, because after only cranking up sports cars on the line they needed new stuff for a sport utility vehicle.

And that meant they also had to modify their usual development testing phases to include cold weather and off-road trails for the new Lambo that can be taken virtually anywhere and in any season. It’s only natural since the brand has had decades of experience only with supercars that see use on mostly good roads and generally in ideal weather. However, the Urus is a model that owners can drive every day, anywhere, any time – and in the latest teaser (ok, December 4 can’t come any faster, since we’re getting tired of the endless marketing campaign) the company’s execs proudly present how the company coped with the high-performance SUV’s capabilities to handle virtually anything.

Lambo’s quality control team was actually deeply involved with the engineers from the start of the project, knowing they would have to come up with a new preproduction testing procedure to match the intended uses of the new SUV. The process included more cold-weather evaluations than the Huracan or Aventador, along with off-road trials. After the introduction on December 4, the Urus is expected to arrive early next year sporting a new 650-horsepower (485-kilowatt) 4.0-liter biturbo V8, an automatic transmission and, of course, an all-wheel drive system.



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