The Italian automaker is going to end the unending marketing campaign for the Urus SUV on December 4, but it may have already spilled the beans “unintentionally” in the latest official teaser.

The video officially released by the automaker arguably focuses on another of the Anima driving modes – the Corsa – but it has actually been retired from the company’s account on Youtube for some reason. That reason might be the fact it contains a willing/unwilling Easter Egg in the form of the uncamouflaged image of the front of the Urus super-SUV. The teaser this time around included a shot of the interior, revealing a pair of touchscreens on the center stack. One has to do with the infotainment functions and the other is for the air conditioning controls. We also noticed there will be a digital instrument cluster, with indications for the SUV’s tilt for off-roading.

[Video] Lamborghini Urus leaked in “Corsa” teaser 2

Then, when using the company’s ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence Management) drive mode selector the features will include Terra, Neve, and Sabbia selections for dirt, snow, and sand, respectively. Things got really heated when the standard Strada, Sport, and Corsa settings were shown – because the latter also includes a picture of the car on the touchscreen infotainment display. And it certainly seems the Rambo Lambo’s spiritual successor is going to stand out in a crowd of regular sport utility vehicles, adopting a highly dynamic and aggressive stance.


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