[VIDEO] Landing plane hits Volvo XC90 image

A Volvo XC90 has been recently hit by a landing plane at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas, last Saturday.

Whenever writing about car crashes we are used to say that the driver of a hot and probably Italian supercar has pushed the gas pedal too hard and “parked” his / her rider into something rigid. Sometimes flames might be a part of the problem but mostly the driver walks away unharmed. Well this is a different story, because it shows what can happen if your driveway is near a landing strip.

The incident filmed in the video posted below is showing a plane which is landing but because a Volvo XC90 has passed by, the landing gear of the plane is destroyed. This is what we can also say about the roof of the Swedish crossover, which was close to becoming a convertible. The unfortunate event took place last Saturday at Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas. Rookie pilot William Davis was doing his first solo trip on a Cessna Sky Hawk and after the incident, Heather Laudo, the wife of Frank Laudo, the driver of the XC90, has called 911, but nobody was seriously hurt.

  • laurance Marvin

    Leave it to a "Volvo" driver to be stupid enough and clueless, blind…what other words describe this display of mindless behavior…..The have the "gaul" to try and be the victim !!

    I guess that even aircraft are not safe from a Volvo driver !!

  • knarf

    Sorry Laurance, it's too bad you can't afford one.
    Your words clearly speak for themselves and give thanks to them Laurance, we all know roughly what your highest level of edumication compeleted is.