[Video] Latest Cars 3 trailer focuses on the rival image

We don’t know a great deal about the Cars 3 plot – except that it will return to its racing roots – but we are certainly getting the feel of Lightning McQueen’s 850-hp rival Jackson Storm.

Pixar’s well known above and beyond reputation has seen its fair share of dents lately – the Cars 2, but also hits such as Finding Dory or The Good Dinosaur – so everyone is waiting for an outstanding performance from the Cars 3 sequel reaching theaters this summer. The latest teaser trailer focuses on Jackson Storm, the antagonist in the movie, as well as Lightning McQueen’s efforts to catch up to this young gun (he was the younger competition in the first installment).

[Video] Latest Cars 3 trailer focuses on the rival 3

The Cars 3 trilogy sequel will premiere in the United States on June 16 but before that happens we get to catch another glimpse of what happens on the track – though we also see lots of reused shots from previous teasers. As far as we can tell for now the plot revolves around McQueen’s massive wreck while racing Storm and the subsequent recovery. As previous teasers pointed out, Storm uses cutting edge high tech – such as a carbon fiber body and a V8 that produces 850 horsepower (634 kilowatts).