[Video] Latest Dodge Challenger Demon talks about…shafts image

There’s an annoying multitude of teasers featuring the Challenger Demon, but we do get an almost perverse sense of pleasure from finding yet another small bit of information about the brand’s upcoming halo car.

The newest clip focuses on the heavy-duty components needed to handle the muscle car’s powerful drivetrain – and we see how the SRT Demon has been specifically directed more and more towards drag racing. To make sure the punishment won’t send the car down below, Dodge comes with parts such as a modified prop shaft that can handle 15 percent more torque via thicker tubing and the use of high-strength steel. At the back, the differential housing can handle 30 percent more torque by using heat-treated aluminum components and a higher strength gear set. There’s also a pair of 41-spline half shafts that upgrade to up to 20 percent more power by using larger diameter, high-strength steel parts.

The crew was not only made out of engineers, but also out of computer wizards. This is because the muscle car features launch assist monitors for the slippage known as wheel hop – via wheel speed sensors, the technology can lower the engine torque to maintain traction without the driver doing anything. This alone can protect the components a further 15 to 20 percent. Inside, the Challenger Demon is ready for the launch, featuring mounting points for a four-point harness. We already know the Demon is 215 pounds (97.5 kilograms) lighter than the Hellcat, but not yet by what margin more powerful.