We all know the communist island state has a powerful and vibrant car culture, meaning the Fast and Furious franchise has a beautiful spot to film and will deliver plenty of thrills.

Since the US itself is on better terms with the Cuban authorities nowadays, we’re not surprised the stars of the franchise are enjoying the country, while also working on set to film the newest episode of the action saga. We’re used to the fast and furious crew to reach the most exotic corners of the Earth and after all Cuba is just around the corner from the US perspective – the eight installment will make a quick boat trip to fulfill the legacy by tapping into the reach Cuban car culture. By the way, we have seen many movies set in Cuba but they were all hoaxes – since no Hollywood production crew has been there for decades. Instead, the Vin Diesel-led star cast is the first one to shoot action since the relations have become much friendlier. And to show us they’re all doing great, they also delivered a sneak peek behind the scenes to depict the atmosphere.

Cuba is of course most famous for the rather unique automotive culture with classic American cars still on the roads – the crew filmed a drag race between two of them. For other details we’ll just have to endure the long wait until April 14, 2017 when the action reaches the big screen once again. We’re expecting the rest of the family to be back and while we don’t know too much about the plot so far, we have confirmation so far the beautiful Charlize Theron will be among the villains.



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