[Video] Latest teasers for the Dodge Demon includes sound and tool box image

We’re starting to amass the teasers for the Dodge Challenger Demon because the company is relentless in its schedule for semi-interesting details – and we’re also more worried sometimes about really important automotive news.

But well, when you’re building a machine such as the Demon, you’re still entitled to some interest from the world – so here’s what happened lately in the world of Dodge Demon teasing. For starters, we now know that a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon buyer will be able to convert the street machine into a drag strip monster all by himself, as the right tools are being provided by the company. Via a partnership with Snap-on Dodge built the Demon Crate featuring amenities such as a hydraulic floor jack, cordless impact wrench, tire pressure gauge, and torque wrench.

[Video] Latest teasers for the Dodge Demon includes sound and tool box 0

In addition, during the latest vide we can hear the Demon “breathe” – the company explains how the supercharged engine sends its gases through a staged exhaust just before a launch down the strip. It even features a torque reserve launch system, for the first time ever for drag racing on a production car. The driver just puts the car into Launch Mode, with a bypass valve for the supercharger closing and the engine control unit will adjusts the fuel flow and ignition timing. The tweaks make it easy for the supercharger to build more boost without letting the rear tires spin.