[Video] Lewis Hamilton enjoys “Sunday drive” and casual blonde interview in AMG GT image

Let’s state the obvious – both the blonde motoring journalist and the authors of the video were after views, of the real variety, not the ones brought by bots (who obviously can’t enjoy the camera placement).

With that out of the way, let’s be serious and professional… yeah right – blonde, shotgun ride, star driver – where have we seen that before?! Well, it’s a sure recipe for fun, at least for the male audience. Fans of Lewis Hamilton will also be entertained, because this is after all an interview with the star Formula One driver on the circuit, performed inside a Mercedes-AMG GT. The usual passenger thrashing at the hands of professional race car drivers ensues, with the “interview” performed on the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. There were questions asked, but we were kind of completely def to the answers – and not because of the camera placement.

Ok, maybe that was a bit awkward for us as well, but at least there wasn’t any cleavage involved. But most of all although Hamilton said the spin around the circuit was just like any regular Sunday drive, his attention towards controlling the car is quite obvious – and not just from the single-word, broken up responses. Tennant did ask him if he’s a “bad boy” – but we seriously focused on his answer to why he loves this F1 season so much (he loves driving, the car and the Mercedes team) or why he tends to brake later than other drivers.