There are numerous reports about Lewis Hamilton branching out – he wants to go to Hollywood one day, and he might be going in Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang if the latter parts ways with it.

But for now, we can see the Formula One champion taking on the Beast of the Green Hell in the jungle. No, he hasn’t switched roles with Alexander Skarsgard because he’s in love with Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn in the approaching Suicide Squad supervillain movie) to play in The Legend of Tarzan. Instead, he found his way into the latest teaser devised by Mercedes-AMG for the upcoming GT R. It appears somehow the current Formula 1 champion has been ditched in the jungle, where he has an unexpected encounter with the “Beast of the Green Hell.” Of course, this is not the first time Hamilton stars in a Mercedes video – he took that Hulk of a GLE Coupe out for a quick run, thinking the BMW X6 competitor is “sleek” and it “handles very well.”

Now he’s more into his own league, since the GT R will feel right at home on the Nürburgring circuit, as everyone noticed the “Green Hell” references in the teaser campaign. Mercedes-AMG will uncover the GT R on June 24 during the Goodwood Festival of Speed – as a lighter, faster and more powerful upgrade of the GT S. It will become the new range-topping model, as people wait for the Black Series reportedly coming in the near future.



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