[Video] Lexus has a virtual reality app that lets you experience the RC F on the Ascari race track image

Virtual reality is nowhere near as popular as smartphone usage, for example, but it’s an ongoing and growing segment that has tremendous potential. Which is why Lexus Europe is using it to display its RC F sports car on the Ascari circuit.

While the RC F is not a model that is only available to a select few, most likely very few owners will also have the ability to drive it on a real world race track. Fret not, Lexus has the solution. Via the latest virtual reality technologies, Lexus has envisioned a scenario full of action, taking the unsuspecting user on a hot pursuit on the famous Ascari race track in the new RC F coupe. The southern Spain exclusive circuit served as the setting, with the race filmed live through a wide array of cameras inside and outside the car – nailing high-quality, 360-degree digital footage. They used the 475 hp RC F and the result should be pretty close to actually sitting in the cockpit. There’s even the option to switch from a smooth driving experience to an aggressive one.

Anyone having a smartphone with iOS and Android can dwell in the experience through an app – it can even used as a standalone viewing experience. Naturally, the best way to enter the action is to have the Google Cardboard VR viewer and for enhanced immersion you could use the Oculus Rift VR version. The footage can also be viewed through YouTube’s newly introduced 360° video streaming function (currently only working with Chrome browsers).