Toyota, the largest automaker in the world, is ready to go back to the future thanks to its Lexus luxury division – as they envision innovations that go all the way up to flying cars, the premium brand has built a working hoverboard prototype.

Yes, the emphasis is on working. The hoverboard is designed to make use of some pretty sci-fi stuff – from liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors to magnets, according to the Japanese brand. The technology is actually already used in Japan – a well known cradle for technology innovation. A local railway company last year established a new world speed record using a magnetic-levitation train and Toyota spilled the beans last year when it hinted it was also toying around with the same features for cars. “Flying car means the car is just a little bit away from the road, so it doesn’t have any friction or resistance from the road,” commented back in June 2014 Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, a managing officer in Toyota’s Technical Administration Group during an innovation summit in California.

In a real life reference to the Back to the Future franchise that featured in its second installment in 1989 a hoverboard that was used by Marty McFly to fend off its pursuers, Lexus said it would enter prototype testing mode with the hoverboard in Barcelona this summer, and would also have a special date coming up next as a tie in with the films. More information would be disclosed by the Japanese on October 21, 2015, the same day that Doc, Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer went back to the future.

Via Bloomberg


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