[Video] Lightyear is a startup from The Netherlands, aims for self-charging image

No, we haven’t eaten some of the famous Dutch cookies, because the Lightyear startup does exist, the work of five graduates of the Technical University of Eindhoven, previously involved with Solar Team Eindhoven.

More precisely, the Lightyear One – their new project, is aimed as a commercial application of the Solar Team Eindhoven’s Stella Lux energy positive solar car – that meant it was capable of generating more energy than it needed to work on the road based on the solar panels on the roof. The former students are now aiming for something similar – though obviously they won’t be able to replicate the total success, because a road-legal vehicle won’t be able to produce as much or more energy than it needs. The team does contend that panels on the car would provide power for 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers (6,200 to 12,400 miles) worth of travel each year.

“The Lightyear One charges itself with clean solar power. In sunny conditions it can drive for months without charging, a truly unique capability. The battery stores energy to ensure you can drive at night. It offers great peace of mind.” The team already plans for series production – limited to 10 ‘Signature’ examples in 2019, then expanding to 100 cars in 2020. The price is a match for the capabilities, though – €119.000 – and you can already reserve your example.