[Video] Lincoln and McConaughey saga continues with campaign for MKZ and MKZ hybrid image

The ads featuring Lincoln’s latest brand ambassador, Academy Award recipient Matthew McConaughey have been controversial and triggered a Love/Hate response, but the marketing team actually succeeded in elevating the awareness on the premium Ford division.

Now the automaker is set to launch an all-new ad campaign with the celebrated actor, starting tomorrow during New Year’s Day college football games and focusing on the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and MKZ hybrid. They will feature the same style premiered by the star on the MKC ads. Those commercials featured the actor driving the compact crossover and sharing his stream of consciousness with us – they were later on debated and spoofed, but the fact is they also contributed to making the MKC Lincoln’s best-selling vehicle.

Ford’s Lincoln ahs signed a multi-million, multi-year contract with McConaughey and Andrew Frick, group marketing manager for the brand, said that progressing to the next model in the lineup was natural for them. “If I can be authentic, and the spots are authentic, then we are sending the same message,” commented in a statement McConaughey. The new TV spots have been filmed very rapidly, over two days in Los Angeles and are scheduled to appear both in the United States and Canada.