[Video] Lincoln Continental HUD is now a polarizing asset image

We actually mean that you can see Lincoln Continental’s massive HUD while wearing polarized glasses – foregoing an issue that has long plagued this driver assistance systems.

Without the fire power, cars can easily be assimilated to fighter jet technological capabilities – we have radars (not one, more of them) night-vision capability, touch screen controls, and even autopilot functions if you buy a specific electric brand from California. Lincoln is joining the party with its new head-up display, a holographic-like system that has been long used in cars, but now coming with the promise of better visibility. Lincoln is actually the first car company to make use of the Digital Light Projection technology for a head-up display. DLP might actually ring a bell – because it’s the technology used in digital movie theaters, and in this particular setup allows he display to be more visible in natural light, and information remains visible when viewed through sunglasses.

[Video] Lincoln Continental HUD is now a polarizing asset

“We’ll be using a DLP chip from Texas Instruments, while many other automakers use a different technology that doesn’t get quite as bright,” said Anthony King, product design engineer for The Lincoln Motor Company. The display can be controlled from the steering wheel and can also be programmed to deliver a wide range of information, including speed, fuel level, temperature, and other functions. Navigation system information and phone activity will be automatic add-ons when in function, and this new exclusive Lincoln feature will premiere on the Continental starting next month.