While electric automaker Tesla is not a regular of, well, regular auto shows such as the New York fixture, one of its upcoming startup competitors, decided to take the spotlight.

We’re talking about Lucid Motors, the incoming carmaker that presented the Air, a luxury sedan set to compete squarely against the Tesla Model S. During the New York Auto Show they had no fresh reveal, but instead came up with something possibly even more interesting. It’s called the Alpha Speed Car and it’s a test bed model for the Air. The model – before joining the worldwide audience of the Big Apple auto show, spent some quality time at the TRC Ohio automotive proving ground, cruising the 7.5-mile track to, “evaluate high-speed behaviors, including vehicle stability and powertrain thermal management.” The test was actually “software-limited to 217mph (350km/h),” and came to prove a point for detractors calling makes such as Lucid or Faraday Future vaporware.

[Video] Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car is a 217-mph luxury EV 3

According to Lucid’s director of marketing, Zak Edson, the next step would be to go back to the test facility and remove the speed limiter – the trials also included winter condition testing in Minnesota some months ago. The testing is a natural step in the car’s course towards series production, from where it will go out into the world in its base version for around $60,000 around 2019. There are also high-end versions, above $100k, that would boast 1,000 horsepower and 130-kWh battery pack good for a range of more than 400 miles.


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