Who still thinks electric cars are boring needs to seriously refresh his news feed because these past years models from Tesla to the Genovation GXE – and especially now pay attention to the Lucid Air prototype’s top speed test.

Last year the team behind the Genovation GXE – which is a converted Chevy Corvette running on electricity alone – took down the land speed record for electrics, achieving 205.6 mph (330.8 kph). Now that record is already history – albeit not officially, since the Lucid Air is still in prototype testing phases and needs to reach production status to become valid. Nevertheless, the Lucid Air is already shaping up as a main contender to the performance of the Tesla Model S, which is known for being the quickest accelerating production car in the world – though not the fastest in terms of pure top speed. Lucid’s prototype Air has been testing at the Transportation Research Facility’s oval race track in Ohio – their first runs some months ago coming with a maximum speed of 217 mph (349 km/h).

But that was with a software speed limiter, and they now returned for more high-speed performance testing without it, achieving 235.44 mph (379 km/h). Based on what they observed during the first run, they tweaked the components – opted for a software update to modify the car’s air suspension system performance under heavy loads, while also adding increased cooling to the front motor, which was previously hotter than expected. Of course, the production version might not have the same speed – the prototype used in the test seemed to pack a roll cage given the velocities involved, and the special wheels are also not going to reach the production unit.
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