[VIDEO] Lucky driver escapes unharmed from truck crashing in front of him image

A lucky driver has recently escaped unharmed in what could have been a tragedy, after a truck has flipped over in front of him.

We are usually used to writing about supercar crashes here on inautonews.com and we are always saying that people should get a different driver’s license before being allowed to drive or own a powerful car, but this video found on YouTube just had to be shared. The unfortunate incident, which might have ended tragically for the driver of what appears to be an SUV, has happened probably somewhere in Russia and a camera mounted on the dashboard managed to capture the whole incident.

As you can see from the video posted below this article, a truck or semi-trailer or whatever you want to name it has entered a curve with excessive speed and fell over on its side in front of the four-wheel drive vehicle and stopped not a moment too soon, after hitting it. No one was seriously hurt in the unfortunate incident and judging by the video, both drivers walked away unharmed. What is mostly interesting about this is that the SUV driver was more concerned in his vehicle than helping the trucker who was struggling to brake the windshield in order to get out. You can watch the whole video below.