[Video] Lucky escape really happened from dangling SUV image

You know you’re lucky and somebody upstairs really loves you when you survive a potentially fatal car crash – as your vehicle didn’t plummet to the ground from the ninth story of a parking lot.

What could have become a tragic scene turned out into a daring and lucky escape, as well as a means for the Fire Department responding to the case to highlight its prowess. What happened? A driver in Austin, Texas, had to escape from his Toyota 4Runner which decided to plunge off the ninth story of a parking garage. The incident miraculously left the SUV dangling off the side of the structure and its position was somehow perfect for the person to escape through the sunroof. Then the Austin Fire Department decided to heighten its social media presence by using Facebook throughout the day to show how they laboriously got the 4Runner to the ground.

A report from CNN states the driver was unable to stop the SUV as it was pulling into the parking spot, it then went off the edge but one of the retaining cables was hooked to the front end and flipped the car with the roof on the side of the garage – allowing the driver to climb inside the building through the roof. A person was in the perfect spot to capture the escape – if you look carefully you can see him climbing with help from someone at the scene. Firefighters then spent hours slowly lowering the SUV to the ground. Lucky indeed.

Via CNN, Austin Fire Department