[VIDEO] MacGyver promoting Mercedes-Benz Citan image

The famous secret agent from the TV series with the same name, MacGyver, has recently returned to the large screens in order to promote the new Mercedes-Benz Citan urban van.

We all remember MacGyver, the famous secret agent who had the main role in the TV Series with the same name and who was able to build a tank from a simple watch and a ship from the components used in a car so the only question remaining is if he helped Mercedes-Benz produce the new Citan. MacGyver is getting ready for TV once again and, even if he looks older, he is still the same guy, and he will promote the new Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The video posted below is showing a trailer for the new MacGyver series and it allows us to see our hero from childhood and a lot of the Mercedes-Benz Citan. MacGyver, we have a wish before you will debut on TV one more time, can you, please, turn the Mercedes-Benz Citan urban delivery van into a normal car? Something like a BMW 1M Coupe, Ferrari 458 Italia or, let’s keep it in the brand, a Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.