[VIDEO] Man sliced a parking meter with a chainsaw in New York image

An American tagged by the police has been caught on camera slicing a parking meter in half with a chainsaw in New York and the “law woman” working for the NYPD almost fled away with tears in her eyes when she saw the “mean machine” chopping down through metal like it was ice cream.

The guys at Jalopnik.com found an interesting nickname for the redneck with the white van, “Joe Sixpack”, and apparently the name suits him but also suits his partner who couldn’t stay away and watch his friend get a parking ticket and took the problem into his own hands.

The driver’s companion took a chainsaw out of the van and started chipping the parking meter which after just a few seconds felt down to the ground in a sign of weakness probably celebrated later by the redneck who was holding it.

According to Jalopnik.com, the video was show from inside a taxi and the incident took place in New York City, USA. If you have a message for the “star” holding the chainsaw feel free to express it in whatever manner you feel like.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy! Or not!