[Video] Marvel at GM’s early take on touchscreen controls – serious vintage alert image

For the latest generation of drivers having a car with a touchscreen based infotainment system is nothing out of the ordinary. But do you imagine that just 25 years ago that was the stuff of sci-fi?

In the era of the “smart” car and as the ground-breaking autonomous cars are just around the corner, it’s easy to forget the automotive history is still in its “adolescence” – before the 1900s some people were calling motorized carriages the “Devil’s” work. So, with all the advancements jumping at us all at once, let’s see a history page and marvel at an 1989 touchscreen based infotainment system.

Back then, General Motors – American carmakers have been responsible for many such leaps of faith, but that’s stuff for another article – decided to equip its Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo with a system that is common sense to everyone today. But then, it was space ship grade material – called the Visual Information Center (VIC), the touchscreen was actually quite complex, allowing the driver to access almost any function, from radio to engine management. It even had navigation on it – but as the era of GPS positioning was still…in the future, it only gave you an electronic compass.

For good measure, here’s a great MotorWeek’90 (that’s what they called themselves back in the day) video review of the Trofeo, which also features some interesting VIC interaction.

Via Business Insider