[Video] Marvel at the Ferrari FXX K at Mugello – times 14! image

The track-only Ferrari FXX K has decided to have a weekend reunion in Italy last week and so the Mugello race track hosted no less than fourteen of the limited series supercars.

Ferrari decided to showcase its might and iconic stance at the Mugello circuit this past weekend when the Finali Mondiali event gathered the 488 GTE, 488 GT3 and even three F12tdf models. But the top highlight of the event must have been the parade of no less than 14 FXX K units – which is very much considering the model only has a production run of 40 vehicles. This is not the first time Ferrari decides to showcase the FXX K, earlier this year during an event at Imola having showcased the model in four different iterations. But naturally having 14 of them gathered in one location is an absolute highlight – especially since the McLaren P1 GTR competitor was present in more than one livery.

The track only FXX K has been described as the competition version of the LaFerrari though the company prefers to say it’s a standalone version – the model is already sold out and every owner had to pay a steep 2.5 million euros – meaning that in Mugello a combined 35 million euros passed in front of the audience. Dubbed as one of the fastest track Ferraris ever made, the FXX K is more powerful and lighter than the LaFerrari and also employs significant aerodynamic changes that make it an even sexier appearance than the road-legal top of the line Ferrari.

Via Marchettino