[VIDEO] Maserati Kubang went to Dubai Motor Show image

After being officially presented to the public during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Maserati has decided to try and attract some “exotic” buyers into the brand with its latest model, the Kubang, presenting its SUV at this year’s Dubai Motor Show where the vehicle with the Trident logo on it has attracted some cameras.

Maserati didn’t announce anything officially yet about its Kubang Concept, based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was shown at the 2011 Dubai Motor Show but the automaker has fitted the SUV which made its debut earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a 3.0 liter Pentastar V6 engine which was developing a total output of 350 horsepower, but for the road going version Maserati might also use a larger 3.9 liter V8, built by Ferrari, which will generate about 450 horsepower.

The automaker has some big plans for its luxurious SUV and rumors say that the vehicle will be named the Cinqueporte (five doors) once Maserati puts it in production, but this name isn’t quite completely new to the car manufacturer which has presented a version of the Quattroporte back in 2008 in a single copy, made for a wealthy Middle Eastern client, named the Cinqueporte.