[Video] Max Verstappen plays with the Vantage, while Aston talks image

Aston Martin is already taking full advantage of its newfound connection with the world of Formula One, as it tries to raise awareness and hype about the upcoming arrival of the new generation Vantage.

And we all know that an F1 star driver – such as Max Verstappen – is always a great place to start a teaser with, bringing the young and exciting talent in the form of the Dutch F1 driver. He’s a Red Bull Racing driver and three-time grand prix winner, but has only had his regular driving license for a grand total of 25 months, which means it might just coincide with the period in which the new Vantage was born. As such, pairing the two for the final stages of development and a field test day at the Rockingham track in the Midlands is something worth seeing.

Matt Becker, Aston Martin dynamics chief engineer, was also there to “show” the car to Max, explaining for us actually the car is a “VP-level car,” a verification prototype. He adds there are two additional phases for the car, providing a glimpse into the intricate and complex world of testing and development that takes place before a series production model is born. He also gives out some juicy specs – the driven Vantage had just over 500 hp and 505 lb-ft (685 Nm) torque and tips the scales at 1,530 kg (3,373 lbs) dry. No worries, the wait for the Vantage is almost over – given the official introduction date of November 21.