Over the years Bugatti Veyron had to battle some supercars in order to keep its “world fastest production car” title but the Americans seem to be fed up with vehicles powered by large engines multiplied by three that have to be refilled every five meters. So in a world more concerned in saving the trees than making faster and safer cars, Maxximus Prodigy is offering something different.

The supercar isn’t finished yet so that’s why the Americans behind it are probably so brave to even dare look at a Bugatti Veyron, but when it will be ready, its creators say that it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds while it will hit a top speed of 480 km/h. All of this with an engine modified to run on LPG, with a total power of 1.600 HP.

Honestly we don’t believe that and in our opinion the Maxximus Prodigy will be just a failure because no automaker starts bragging its models, saying that they will be greater than… before the vehicle is even ready. 1 million dollars will be the price of a Maxximus Prodigy, but $1m for what? A sketch on a piece of paper and a guy talking on YouTube? Come on!


  1. You are just a cynic. I spoke to these guys and the designer studied plumbing with me at school so I know they are trustworthy. They demanded a 95% deposit up front which I paid. I expect to get my car in January. Right now they are working on the Maxximus Prodigy Motherf&#cker which will have a 2,100 HP output and reach 525 kph. I am not supposed to tell but it runs on coal and I am considering ordering one. The deposit is only 135% so it seems cheap.


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