[Video] Mayhem and suspense with the M760Li, Model S, RS6 and E 63 S image

There was once a limit to what luxury cars did – and it had nothing to do with being quick, or displaying drag racing capabilities. But times they are a changin’…

In an age when a fully electric sedan is considered one of – if not the – fastest production four door in the world, you can imagine all assumptions need to be thrown overboard. And as the video’s description says, we’re in for one of the closest races ever. Let’s not jump the gun, and see the contenders. We have two saloons and two station wagons – because we told you any assumption needs to fall behind. So, we see the outlet pit the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate, packing a 603-horsepower (449-kilowatts) biturbo V8, AWD and a fast nine-speed automatic. Then there’s the Audi RS6 Performance, leveling the playing field with its 605 hp and 60 mph (96 kph) sprint time of just 3.7 seconds.

The sedan side is represented by the BMW M760Li, packing an elegant biturbo V12 generating 600 hp (447 kW) and 590 pound-feet (799 Newton-meters) of torque. Last, but everyone knows it’s certainly not least, is the Tesla Model S P100D, which has more than 611 hp (455 kW) to showcase. Even with a slow start from the driver in the electric sedan, the Model S detaches itself as the winner, followed by the family-prone Mercedes wagon, the BMW and the Audi. Form the standing start, the Tesla wraps the quarter mile in just 11 seconds, followed closely by the Mercedes with 11.2 seconds, the BMW with 11.3 seconds, and the Audi RS6 at 11.4 seconds.

Via carwow