For all those who love the liberty of sharing the road with an open top car, it’s been a long wait. And we’ll have to hold on to our checkbooks a little longer, but we finally know how the fourth generation of the 25 years old model looks like.

The Japanese automaker back in 1989 started a small, open top convertible, two-seater revolution – presenting a lightweight and mechanically trouble free roadster that was as much an evolution and a tribute to the small European roadsters of the 1960s. 25 years have passed and the MX-5 has become part of automotive history – being so much more than the car that holds the sales record for two-seat convertible sports cars.

Last night the 2016 model year, essentially the fourth-generation of the iconic roadster was presented in Monterey, California – you know, where aficionados usually gather for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. There were also similar events in Japan, Canada and Spain.

Unfortunately – details are very limited – save for the fact that the company has somewhat managed to return to the model’s roots, slimming down the 2016 model and making it “the most compact of any generation MX-5 so far.” The officials confirmed the next generation would shed some 220 pounds (100 kg) to weigh somewhere around the 2,200 pounds (997 kg) mark. Dimensions stand at 3,915 mm x 1,730 mm x 1,235 mm (length, width and height), while the wheelbase is 2,315 mm long.

“The Roadster’s light weight and drivability are unrivaled,” comments Hiroshi Matsushita, a car critic and member of Japan’s annual Car of the Year award.

Even as the company executives gave us no further details, we know for sure that the MX-5 Miata has been built around the company’s proprietary Skyactiv technologies, while the design is the latest expression of the KODO-Soul of Motion language. That means we’ll have under the hood the SKYACTIV-G direct-injection petrol engine mated to a SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual transmission – rumors say the power range could vary between 140 and 200 hp.


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