[Video] Mazzanti finally shows a little of the Project EV-R following lengthy teaser campaign image

After a tiresomely long teasing campaign from an exotic automaker that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd for anything else than its quirky designs, part nine of ten of the teasing video series also shows some EV-R “flesh”.

This is the ninth and hopefully penultimate video before the project actually becomes a palpable reality and we’re being treated here to some “skin”. By the way, Mazzanti we told you has a thing for quirkiness. So while the EV-R moniker should relate to something electric or at least in some manner ecological – this is not the case. Instead the go the other way around with a humongous biturbo 7.2-liter V8 engine – and the EV-R could be a hardcore version of the Evantra, tipped for full reveal during the 2016 Turin Auto Show. The model looks ready to hit the track, but Mazzanti quips the hotter Evantra is actually road-legal.

There aren’t so many details for now, but the company says the EV-R is the first car in the world to deploy the “Ala Soffiata” technique which has to do with aerodynamics and the way the airflow is altered over the rear wing. There aren’t any technical specifications to work with, though the brand has tipped to the V8’s torque figure of 886+ pound-feet (1,200+ Newton meters). We can imagine this is a massaged version of the naturally-aspirated 7.0-liter V8 powering the Evantra, where it develops 701 hp (523 kW). Mazzanti also says it will be able to take on the Holy Hybrid Trinity (LaFerrari, P1, 918 SPyder), so we’re most likely looking at a power figure with four digits.