[Video] Mazzanti teases us to upcoming supercar project codenamed EV-R image

The Italian coachbuilder has most recently showcased its Evantra supercar – if you didn’t hear about it it’s because we’re dealing here with yet another exotic, limited series manufacturer.

But even small companies have the possibility to entice us – and here we have now the video teaser of their upcoming project, codenamed EV-R. The manufacturer has been very mysterious about details concerning the creation of their new car, which is going to be featured in an official world premiere during the Turin Motor Show on June 8. Mazzanti claims their new project will be the most “extreme” street legal car ever built in Italy, which at least rules out the possibility of it being a racer. These are bold assumptions anyways since Italy is the breeding place of Ferraris and Lamborghinis – or if we go into exotic territory, Paganis. Well, we at least know Mazzanti wants to present the most powerful street legal vehicle developed in Italy – which makes us think it will have more horsepower than LaFerrari’s 949 count.

This particular exotic automaker is based in the scenic area of Tuscany – which is very close to Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini – and it has been named after founder Luca Mazzanti. The EV-R will shed its codename when coming officially in front of the public and rumors point to extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The engine could also have some electric assistance – due to the EV-R moniker.