Alongside the Williams documentary, a motorsports fan can easily delight a Sunday afternoon with the new McLaren documentary, the film that tells us the story of Bruce McLaren.

He is indeed one of the automotive legends, a driver who not only was successful at racing, but also managed to build a motorsport empire. McLaren today is much more – as it has come out strong as a niche brand of super sports cars. But its history is so much longer – Bruce McLaren was winning the 1959 United States Grand Prix at age 22 – a major achievement at the time. He then moved from being a driver dominating force to a team owner dominating force until his demise – untimely taking place in 1970. He died doing what he loved – he was testing a Can-Am car at England’s Goodwood Circuit when the rear tore and the vehicle was lost into a flag station.

The documentary is going to show historical footage and photos, interviews, and dramatized events to showcase McLaren’s life. We can also see racing legends like Sir Jackie Stewart, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Emmerson Fittipaldi, and Chris Amon, the man who took Ford’s first Le Mans victory over Ferrari back in 1966 in a GT40. The movie has already premiered in the United States in limited form at a VIP screening during the Indianapolis 500 race.


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