[VIDEO] McLaren F1 goes off-roading in Italy image

Did you ever wonder what a classic McLaren F1 would look like off the road? Well, if the answer is “yes”, than you have come to the right place.

The McLaren F1 is considered by many to be the best supercar ever produced and because of its very limited number, this is also one exclusive ride. But from clips showing it in luxurious environments surrounded by other expensive models and to this one in which it has been taken off the road is a huge step and purists may end up blaming the driver for doing it. Don’t expect fast driving on a field or between trees in the clip posted below because this is still a supercar.

McLaren has assembled the F1 in just 106 units between 1992 and 1998 and this was put together in Woking, Surrey, England. The model was offered in a single two-door coupe body style, with a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout. It packed a 6.1 liter V12 engine under its hood, producing a total output of 627 HP (468 kW), at 7,400 rpm, and 651 Nm (480 lb-ft) of torque, available at 5,600 rpm. From 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), the F1 needed just over 3 seconds and top speed stood at 386 km/h (240 mph).